Advancing Primary Care in Central LHIN

Family physicians and other primary care providers are the front line of the local health system – caring for patients and their families close to home and supporting their journey through the health services they receive.

Improving access to primary care for our residents and developing stronger linkages between primary care providers and other parts of the health system is aligned with the Central LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Plan.

Effective primary care is essential to a high performing health system. Comprehensive primary care focused on chronic disease prevention and management is linked to reduced avoidable emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

Given primary care’s central role, engagement and collaboration between primary care providers and the LHINs is necessary to improve system integration and achieve efficiencies. The Central LHIN’s priorities for primary care, outlined in our 2018-2019 Mandate Letter include:

  • Assessing the number of primary care providers based on local population needs.
  • Improving access to primary care providers, including family doctors and nurse practitioners.
  • Facilitating effective and seamless transitions between primary care and other health and social services.
  • Improving access to inter-professional health care providers to ensure comprehensive care.
  • Supporting the integration of Health Links into sub-region planning with input from primary care providers.

Of the nearly 1.9 residents in the Central LHIN, close to 95% have a primary care provider (source: Family physicians. Ontario GP/FP List (2016), prepared by Health Analytics Branch MOHLTC).

Primary care information and resources includes:

For residents For primary care providers 

If you need help finding primary care – a family doctor or nurse practitioner – you can register with Health Care Connect:

Register online for Health Care Connect

banner - Health Care Connect   

Or call Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

You will need to provide your name, heath card number and basic health information to sign up for Health Care Connect.

Persons eligible to join Health Care Connect are those without a primary health care provider. The Health Care Connect website also has information on changing providers.

Additional resources:

Use The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s All Doctors Search online tool (search options by name, location or specialty).

Use the College of Nurses of Ontario’s Find a Nurse online search tool.

See – information and listings of health services in Central LHIN (North York, Etobicoke, York Region and South Simcoe).

The Central LHIN provides several resources to support primary care providers such as:

  • Central LHIN Home and Community Care liaison and hotline
  • Nursing clinics – for wound care and specialized nursing
  • Palliative nurse practitioners and care coordinators
  • Rapid Response nurses – short-term help for frail and medically complex patients 
  • Telehomecare nurses – to support chronic conditions
  • Mental health and addictions nurses – school-based resource
  • Physicians’ webpage to access LHIN referral forms and OHIP billing codes
  • – services listing

Primary care providers can contact the Central LHIN to

  1. learn more about the above resources 
  2. be added to our email list for updates on new programs and services.

Just send an email to – please include first/last name of the lead primary care provider at your location along with the address and postal code of your practice.

Additional resource:

Health Force Ontario

Additional Resources: