Post-Construction Operating Plan (PCOP) 

A Post Construction Operating Plan (PCOP) is the documented understanding between the ministry, LHIN and a hospital, of the hospital’s plan for operations, upon completion of a capital project and the implementation of service changes.

PCOP funding is provided for additional operating costs associated with completion of a capital project, as outlined in a project’s Functional Program:

  • Incremental service volumes and equipment amortization
  • Facility costs
  • Transition and start-up costs

PCOP funding is awarded over multiple years:

  • Service volume and amortization funding is ramped up over six years following construction completion: 25%/ 50%/ 62.5%/ 75%/ 87.5%/ 100%
  • Facility costs are awarded in the year of construction completion
  • Transition and start-up funding is provided in the year of or year prior to opening

Funding provided through PCOP is reconciled against services delivered. Any funding not employed for its intended purpose is recovered.