Francophone Community

Central LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-2019 commits to collaborating and engaging with our local francophone population. Specifically, the LHIN’s Person-Centredness strategy seeks to improve equity in how people experience health care and service delivery. It outlines collaboration with Entité 4 to improve access to linguistically and culturally adaptive health care services for the francophone community.

Central LHIN continues to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, health service providers, Entité 4 and francophone communities – at the local and regional level – to determine best approaches to improve understanding of the health needs, health outcomes and access to services for francophone residents.


Working Together with the Francophone Population

Joint Action Plan 

Entité 4, and  Central, Central East and North Simcoe Muskoka LHINs adopted a Joint Action Plan for 2014/15. The overall objective of the action plan is to improve access to the right French language care, at the right place and at the right time within the following priority sectors: senior care, mental health and addictions, primary care and patients with chronic conditions. This focus will help improve the quality and safety of care as well as patients’ experiences while reducing the detrimental impact of linguistic and cultural barriers on health system performance.

2014/15 Community Engagements

In 2014/15, Central LHIN will conduct targeted engagement with health services providers and the francophone population. Based on a two-pronged approach, the strategy aims to build on the achievements obtained through the collaboration between the LHIN, Entité 4 and health service providers to date. It will target specific sub-LHIN areas where there is capacity to identify gaps and challenges, understand specific needs and tailor services to meet the identified needs. In parallel to this, Central LHIN will also continue to collaborate with other GTA LHINs, Entité 4 and the francophone population to explore further collaboration and service improvement opportunities. 

The Forum on French Language Services 

Held in January 2014, the Forum on French Language Services hosted by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provided an opportunity for collaboration and planning amongst all stakeholders regarding the evaluation of the Entité model and identification of next steps. 

Prioritization of Francophone Seniors at Bendale Acres

In 2013/14, Central LHIN’s collaboration with partners resulted in prioritization of francophone seniors eligible for long-term care placement at Pavillon Omer Deslauriers in Bendale Acres.

Enhancing French Language Resources: 

The Central LHIN and Entité 4 are collaborating to enhance the French language services section of, an information database on health services and health resources. Once complete, there will be an increase in the capacity to search and access French language services information and resources.   

Active Offer of French Language Services 

In 2013/14, Central LHIN collaborated with other LHINs and Entité 4 to organize two workshops to promote active offer of French language services, improve awareness of the French delivery models and equip health service providers with knowledge to actively provide services in French to improve the overall health outcomes and patient experience for francophone clients.

Francophone Community Engagement in Partnership with Central LHIN and Entité 4

Held in July 2013, this engagement provided  an opportunity for community leaders – including Association des francophones de la région de York (AFRY) and Common Thoughts Initiatives Corporation  – and francophone immigrants to learn about the health care system, and share their health care needs, priorities and experiences as health service consumers.