Applying for a LHIN Board Position

All persons applying to serve on the Board of Directors of the Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) must apply through the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS).

For information on the requirements to serve as a member of a LHIN Board of Directors, along with the application form, please visit the PAS website at:

Local Health Integration Network Governance

Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are governed by an appointed Board of Directors and bound by accountability agreements with the Ministry.

  1. Each Board member is appointed by an Order-in-Council. Board members are selected using a merit-based process, with all candidates assessed for the fit between skills and experience of the prospective appointee and the needs of each LHIN. The appointment process is transparent and consistent, with clear and understandable guidelines that are applied consistently to all Board member appointments.

Board Directors are expected to possess relevant expertise, experience, leadership skills, and have an understanding of local health issues, needs and priorities.  Succeeding board membership will entail an ongoing community process led by the LHIN Board of Directors to help identify and recommend new potential board candidates.

Desired Skills, Experience or Background:

  1. CEO/Enterprise Leadership/Strategic Planning

  2. Governance/Board Experience

  3. Health Care Sector Experience

  4. Financial Performance – Budget/Controls

  5. Accounting/Audit Designation

  6. Capital/Project Management

  7. Patient Quality/Safety Performance/Outcomes

  8. Legal/Regulatory Expertise

  9. Risk Management

  10. IT/E-Commerce/Privacy Management

  11. Operations Management

  12. Human Resources

  13. Labour Relations Management

  14. Change Management Leadership

  15. Government & Public Sector Relations

  16. Communications & Community Relations

  17. Diversity Expertise

  18. Francophone

  19. Indigenous

  20. Geographic Diversity – live in, and represent the Central LHIN

 Conflict of Interest

Applicants are required to identify any real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest that might impede the work of the LHIN, as outlined in the guidelines:

  1. A person or an immediate member of their family who is a member of the board, chief executive officer or an officer of:

    1. Any corporation, agency or entity that represents the interests of persons who are part of the health sector and whose main purpose is advocacy of the
      interests of those persons

    2. The College of a health profession or group of health professions as defined under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991

    3. An entity that does or may receive funding from a LHIN

  2. Staff of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care or an immediate member of their family

  3. Staff of the LHIN or an immediate member of their family.

Persons selected for the Board would be required to clear any conflicts prior to accepting membership on the LHIN Board.

Following confirmation of their appointment, individual Board members will be required to meet with the Conflict of Interest Commissioner.


Directors are appointed by Order-in-Council for a term of up to three (3) years, subject to renewal.

LHIN Review of Applications

The Public Appointments Unit (PAU) of the Public Appointments Secretariat undertakes a screening process and forwards the applications of skill-matched candidates to the LHIN Board Chair for consideration. 

Together with the LHIN Board Chair, the Central LHIN Community Nominations Committee reviews the applications and selects candidates for interviews. Following the interview process, the Community Nominations Committee makes a recommendation through the Board Chair to the Central LHIN Board of Directors for approval. 

The LHIN Board Chair then sends a letter to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, confirming three recommended candidates with a summary for each candidate as approved by the Central LHIN Board of Directors.

The PAU asks potential candidates to complete a Personal and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement, conducts a basic interview of LHIN recommended candidate and provides comments to the Minister’s Office.


The Minister determines preferred candidate. Once that is finalized, a Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) check is conducted and the Minister recommends the candidate to Cabinet, which reviews and approves the appointment. 

The Standing Committee on Government Agencies reviews proposed new appointments with terms of more than one year. Proposed appointee may be requested to appear before the Committee to discuss their qualifications. When their review process is complete, the Standing Committee releases the Order-in-Council to the Lieutenant Governor General for signature. Once signed, an Order in Council becomes approved and ordered. 

The Public Appointments Secretariat forwards a signed copy of Order-in-Council to the LHIN Board Chair.

Notification of Successful Candidate

Upon receipt, the LHIN Board Chair notifies the successful candidate, and the Minister sends a congratulatory letter and a copy of the Order-in-Council to the new appointee.

More Information

View the Public Information Session presentation on Central LHIN Board of Directors Recruitment held on September 27, 2016.