Quarterly Stocktake Reports   

Each quarter, representatives from each of the 14 LHINs and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care meet to discuss each LHIN's performance against key deliverables.

These performance reports (called Stocktake Reports), which include results for approximately 30 indicators, incorporate the Ministry-LHIN Performance Agreement indicators and summarize quarterly performance results for: key emergency department wait time indicators, alternate level of care days, repeat visits to the emergency department and readmissions for selected clinical conditions, and surgical/diagnostic imaging wait time indicators, among others.

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2015-2018 Stocktake Indicator Definitions

Past Stocktake Reports 

Additional Updates on System Accountability and Performance

Additional updates on system accountability and performance can be found in Board Packages which are presented to the Central LHIN Board of Directors at their open board meetings. For more information, please see the Board Meetings page on our website.