Disclosure of Expenses

The Central LHIN is committed to being open and transparent with its stakeholders and the general public.  Further to the LHIN's commitment is our compliance with the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009.  This act was implemented on November 30, 2009 and was created to strengthen and reinforce accountability, transparency and oversight of government expense claims.

As per direction received from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, the LHIN has created this page which details the expense reports of Board Members and Senior Staff as they engage with our stakeholders in managing the local health care system.  All expenses are in accordance with the government's Travel, Meal & Hospitality Expenses Directives.

Who does this directive apply to at the Central LHIN?

  • All Board Members
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Senior Directors

The expenses detailed below reflect those that have been reimbursed by the LHIN.

Current Members, Board of Directors

Warren Jestin

Chair, Board of Directors

Albert Liang  Vice Chair, Board of Directors 
Uzo Anucha

Member, Board of Directors

Graham Constantine  Member, Board of Directors
Tanya Goldberg  Member, Board of Directors
David Lai  Member, Board of Directors
Michael MacEachern  Member, Board of Directors
Stephen Quinlan

Member, Board of Directors

Stephen Smith  Member, Board of Directors
Aldous (Sally) Young  

Member, Board of Directors

Audrey Wubbenhorst  

Member, Board of Directors

Current Members, Senior Leadership Team

Kim Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Karin Dschankilic 

Senior Director, Performance, Contracts and Allocation/Chief Financial Officer

Chantell Tunney Interim Senior Director, Planning, Integration and Community Engagement

Former Members, Board of Directors

John Langs 
Chairman, Board of Directors 
Ken Morrison

Chairman, Board of Directors

Arthur Walker

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

Sandy Keshen

Secretary, Board of Directors

John Rogers   Member, Board of Directors 
Judy Cameron  Member, Board of Directors
Brenda Urbanski   Member, Board of Directors 
Eugene Cawthray

Member, Board of Directors

Elaine Walsh

Member, Board of Directors

Colin Benjamin 

Member, Board of Directors

Constantine Georganas

Member, Board of Directors

Raksha Bhayana

Member, Board of Directors

Maneesh Mehta  

Member, Board of Directors 

Former Members, Senior Leadership Team

Georgina Veldhorst  Senior Director, Planning, Integration and Community Engagement 
Victoria van Hemert

Senior Director

Shaukat Moloo

Senior Director

Nathalie Beaulieu Senior Director