Francophone Communities

Central LHIN is guided by the Local Health System Integration Act to comply with the requirements of the French Language Services Act, 1986 and address the health care needs of its local francophone population. The LHIN supports the francophone population through its collaboration with the French language health planning entity: Entité 4.

North York, as part of the City of Toronto and part of the Township of Essa, are the two Central LHIN designated areas under the French Language Services Act, 1986. The Central LHIN and two if it's health service providers – North York General Hospital and Southlake Regional Health Centre – are identified to develop capacity to provide some of the services and programs in French.

  Multicultural group

Just over 1.9 per cent (2011 Census IDF by Census Subdivision, Office of Francophone Affairs) of the people who live in the Central LHIN – about 31,725 people – are considered francophone under the provincial definition (adopted in 2009).

Where practical, Central LHIN supports the provision of French language services – such as Central LHIN’s fully bilingual website and public materials such as: annual reports, news releases, etc. which are available in French – or the capability of translation services, where francophone populations exist. Learn more about the francophone community in Central LHIN