Sub-regions in the Central LHIN

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As the Central LHIN covers an area of 2,730 square kilometers, with over 1.9 million residents living in many diverse communities, we have divided our region into six planning areas known as sub-regions.

A sub-region is a geographical planning region within each LHIN, outlined to better understand and address patient needs at the local level. This approach will not restrict Ontarians as they make their health care decisions.

Sub-regions enable a more focused approach to assessing the distinct health needs and service capacity in local communities and allow the community and providers to share dialogue on local circumstances and issues. By looking at care patterns through a smaller, more local lens, system planners are able to better identify and respond to community needs and be able to ensure that patients across the entire LHIN have access to the care they need, when and where they need it. This includes the needs of Francophone Ontarians, Indigenous communities, newcomers and other individuals and groups within the Central LHIN whose health care needs are unique and who often experience challenges accessing and navigating the health care system.

The Central LHIN’s six sub-regions are:

  1. North York West
  2. North York Centre
  3. Eastern York Region
  4. Western York Region
  5. Northern York Region
  6. South Simcoe

The Central LHIN has organized six local collaborative tables, which bring together health care providers and partners from each sub-region to assess local needs and work together for a locally integrated system that strengthens patient experience and outcomes.

Additional Resources:

Central LHIN Sub-Regions Map