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LHIN Guide to Good Governance

On September 16, 2009, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care released the LHIN Guide to Good Governance, a document developed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for use by all LHIN Board members and stakeholders. The Local Health Integration Network/Health Service Provider Resource and Toolkit for Voluntary Integration Initiatives (see details below) was included as an appendix.

LHIN Guide to Good Governance 

LHIN-Health Service Provider Governance Resource and Toolkit for Voluntary Integration Initiatives

A key component of our LHIN's health system transformation activities is the integration of health care delivery. In 2008, in concert with four other LHINs, Central LHIN released a Local Health Integration Network-Health Service Provider Governance Resource and Toolkit for Voluntary Integration Initiatives. This toolkit supports health service provider boards in developing strategies to work with one another and the LHIN on voluntary integration initiatives.

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Knowledge Transfer Slide Decks

  1. Guide

  2. Overview (Short version): Introductory Section/Part 1/Part 2 of the Toolkit

  3. Module 1: The Legislative Requirements for Voluntary Integration Initiatives

  4. Module 2: LHIN Expectations for board oversight, decision making, processes and community engagement

  5. Module 3: Leadership supports for health service providers

Downloadable Documents

  1. Sample Board Policy To Support Voluntary Integration (P.33)

  2. Checklist For Board Accountability For Voluntary Integration (P. 34)

  3. Checklist For Board Review Of Strategic Plan Alignment With LHIN IHSP And Potential Integration Opportunities (P.35)

  4. Factors That Could Influence Board-To-Board Involvement (P. 40)

  5. Checklist For Board Review Of A Voluntary Integration Initiative (P. 43)

  6. Sample Terms Of Reference For A Joint Board Task Force (P. 44)

  7. Seven Challenges To Successful Integration (P. 45)

  8. Nine Success Factors For Board Collaboration (P.49)

  9. Tips For Facilitating Successful Meetings (P. 50)

  10. Sample Guidelines For Working Together On A Joint Task Force (P. 51)

  11. Sample Partnering Agreement (Pp. 57-62)

  12. Questions To Ask When Developing A Voluntary Integration Initiative, To Ensure A Performance Measurement Plan (P. 64)