Facilitated and/or Negotiated Integration

The LHIN may become involved in an integration activity either initiated by the LHIN or one or more HSPs by assisting with the negotiation or facilitation of the activity.

The process of gathering the information required for the Central LHIN Board to make an integration decision for a facilitated or negotiated integration may vary, but could include the following components:

1. Expression of Intent

  • A brief summary of an integration initiative and the involved parties
2. Full Integration Proposal
  • Definition of the opportunity/problem which needs to be addressed including a relevant environmental scan
  • Examination of applicable legislative and/or regulatory requirements
  • Appropriate stakeholder consultation and/or support (e.g. notice of intent to examine the issue; opportunity for input early and/or feedback on the proposed solution; clinical advice from all appropriate clinicians)
  • Development and analysis of options
  • Business case for the preferred option including impacts, risks and mitigation strategies, financial cost and benefits
  • Implementation plan: timelines, communication and change management plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation (or benefit realization) plans

Upon review of the Integration Proposal by Central LHIN staff the Central LHIN Board will issue an integration decision that includes direction regarding the actions the involved HSP (s) are required to take and the timeframe for doing so.