What is an Integration?

Under the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006 (LHSIA), “integration” is defined as:

  • Coordinating services and interactions between different persons and entities

  • Partnering with others in providing services or in conducting operations

  • Transferring, merging or amalgamating services, operations, or entities

  • Starting or ceasing to provide services

  • Ceasing to operate, dissolving or winding-up operations

As per LHSIA, both Central LHIN and its health service providers (HSPs) have an obligation to identify integration opportunities. LHSIA defines four ways Central LHIN and its HSPs can integrate local health care services:

1. Voluntary Integration (Section 27, LHSIA)

  • HSPs, at their own initiative, plan to integrate services funded by the LHIN

2. Facilitated or Negotiated Integration (Section 25, LHSIA)

  • The LHIN and HSPs explore integration strategies and the LHIN facilitates or negotiates the integration

3. Required Integration (Section 26, LHSIA)

  • The LHIN orders HSPs to integrate services

4. Funding Integration (Section 19, LHSIA)

  • The LHIN uses its funding authority to integrate services.

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