Long-Term Care Homes

The Central LHIN funds 46 long-term care homes (LTCH) through 41 LTCH Service Accountability Agreements (LTCH operators with more than one location may be covered by a single agreement).

Additional resources may be found under Policies, Directives, Compliance (all sectors)

LTCH Service Accountability Agreements (L-SAA)

Our long-term care providers have signed accountability agreements for the period of 2019-2022.

LTCH Policies, Agreements, Manuals, Guidelines

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's documents that are a part of the LSAA agreement between a LHIN and a HSP who operates a LTCH.

Provincial LTCH Performance Reports

An online tool to help families easily review the performance levels for Ontario’s 627 long-term care homes.

L-SAAs and Long-Term Care Accountability Planning Submissions (LAPS)

Information and resources on LAPS and L-SAA Development.

LTCH Development/Redevelopment Policies and Information

Supporting the renovations of an existing long-term care home, building of a new long-term care home, or replacement of an older building.