Health System Improvements Proposal (H-SIP), and Expressions of Interest (EOI) (all sectors) 

Health System Improvements Proposal (H-SIP)

Health System Improvements are the additions or enhancement to programs offered by health service providers to better the access and care provided to health consumers. The H-SIP process has been developed collectively by Ontario's Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to facilitate and standardize the way health system improvement requests are submitted to the LHINs.

The H-SIP form is to be used by health service providers prior to submitting a business case to the Central LHIN. The pre-proposal is designed to capture the intent and scope of plans for health system improvement.

Downloadable H-SIP Form - updated 2016

The information above is intended to provide guidance on submitting an H-SIP for budget reallocations and new in-year funding requests. Find out more about Submitting an Integration Proposal.   

Applications, EOIs and Calls for Proposals

This page has been created to share information with LHIN-funded Health Service Providers, patients, caregivers and other stakeholders on Calls for Applications, Expressions of Interest and Proposals as new opportunities become available.