Community Sector

In fiscal year 2020-2021, the Central LHIN is funding 45 community sector agencies (community health centres, community support services, and mental health and addictions service providers). The following policies, directives and resources are targeted to support community sector service providers.


General Policies, Directives, Compliance

Includes community sector financial policy, agency approvals, audit guidelines and compliance process and information.

Capital Policies, Directives and Programs for Community Sector

Includes Own Funds Programs, Location Programs, Community Health Programs Policy (CHCP), Applications and Resources. 

Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF)

Part of the CHCP Policy, CIRF is intended to support eligible community HSPs address renewal needs of existing infrastructure on a priority basis.

Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreements (M-SAAs) 2019-22

Signed 2019-22 M-SAAs with all the Central LHIN funded community health service providers.

CAPS and M-SAA Development 2019-22

Information and resources on CAPS and M-SAA Development.

Additional Resources

Includes other reports, discussion papers related to community sector planning.